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How I make gold in jsro.

In this small guide I will show you how I manage to make profit in jsro in order to buy better equipment for my character. Actually I was surprised when I noticed that some players price their items too cheap. A reason could be that they don't have much time for stalling, want to make quick cash or get rid off several items.

For making big profits it's necessary to have:

1) a character for stalling only. I'm using my sub char エアトス for this, logged on a 2nd PC,
2) have about 50M on the stall char in order to grab big deals that require higher investments,
3) Knowledge about the market prices.

There probably is more relevant factors but these three have a big influence.

The formular to make gold is quite simple: Buy cheap, sell high! Basically that's all I do.

Let me list you some of my deals to illustrate the idea.

Pandora box (パンドラ): buy price 6M → sell price 7M = profit +1M

STR scroll (10 pieces 個です): buy price 2M → sell price 5M = profit +3M

Proof stone (renkin): buy price 30M → sell price 33M = profit +3M

Devil Spirit S (nasu-s): buy price 45M → sell price 65M = profit +20M

Grab pet (petto): buy price 20M → sell price 42M = profit +22M

Shield 12Q (レジェ): buy price 50M → sell price 80M = profit +30M

Light Armor 12Q (レジェ): buy price 20M → sell price 70M = profit +50M

Cleric Rod 13Q (レア): buy price 20M → sell price 60M = profit +40M

1h-sword 13Q (レア): buy price 2M → sell price 40M = profit +38M

1h-sword 14Q (マギック): buy price 5M → sell price 10M = profit +5M

Cleric Rod 14Q (レア): buy price 3M → sell price 150M = profit +148M (my best deal!)

I can't remember all deals I made. Too many to list them all up but with some good eye for prices and patience making gold is not thaat hard.

English - Korean Silkroad dictionary

Here you can find a small collection of Silkroad-related words I got to know in ksro. :)


English-Japanese Silkroad dictionary

During my time in japanese Silkroad online I get to know a few phrases to communicate with the players and form hunting PTs. (^-^)/


Silkroad Party Guide

Party Play is one of the most important aspects of the game for me. I enjoy to have "perfect" hunting PTs with a high efficiency. Here you can find a small guide about it. It explains the PT setups used in jsro.




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