Lv 130

I finally reached Lv 130. Thanks to everyone who helped me achieving it.

SRO[2018-10-20 16-22-32]_83

SRO[2018-10-20 17-17-29]_11

Lv 123 and Knight title

I reached Lv 123 during 11th anniversary event campaign.

SRO[2016-11-19 12-10-34]_25

Additionally, I was working on 110 title "Knight". A lot of thanks to my friend Treachery for helping me inside the dungeons.
The hardest unique to kill was Sphinx. It has massive spawns and since you can't stuck the uniques anymore, it was tough to kill. Most annoying is the reflect buff. I measured the time between the reflect use. The unique uses reflect skill every 1:15 min. So thats the save time to attack him.

SRO[2016-11-26 23-10-49]_99

SRO[2016-11-29 22-55-02]_77

Lv 118

I just leave a few screenshots here.


Lv 117

I got Lv 117 even though I didn't expect to level up until the end of the week. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the PT.

SRO[2016-06-30 17-11-44]_742


1st time in Jupiter Temple

Today I went into Jupiter Temple Hall of Worship (Intermediate) for the first time. I went with a 6-man-party. The run is not taking very long - maybe 25-30 minutes. We went 3 times in total. I was surprised that one of the quests gave me about 18%.


Level 114

Today I got Lv 114. ^_^

I was doing 鏡PT and some of the quests. The quests give about 3% each.

SRO[2016-03-14 10-22-18]_51


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