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as you probably noticed there were no blog updates for a while. That's because I'm busy working and there simply is no good server to play on. I'm at work when there would be activity at JSRO; but also leveling up at Lv 125↑ takes really long. I'm not too motivated to login on weekend only. Progress would be little. Instead I was trying to support a private server named "RIGID SRO". My hopes about this server were really high: they have orginal working SA! RIGID team is working on this project since almost 1 year now. I tried to push the game concept in the direction I would like to see.

Unfortunately with their yesterday's update about CTF (battle flag) being mandatory to earn coins for sun equipment my disappointment was intense. They have access to original working SA!! Why the fuck would you still need CTF?? I regret suggesting ideas, giving warning about consequences of specific updates and investing time and effort to support this server. It feels like getting betrayed...

We warned them many many times about how WRONG reward for killing is. I don't know why it is hard to understand that logical thing. Their team massively lacks SRO gaming experience. They are good at coding but not good about SRO knowledge. On top, the player base from international SRO is completely spoiled by botting - their ideas are absolute trash and idiotic too!! Their mind is purely focused on 1v1...


① It favors selfish gameplay. Supporting classes will not be rewarded thus they will be useless.
② Class variety will be very small because everyone will make a class that is good at killing. Basically Wizard/Cleric and Warrior/Cleric only.
③ Reward for kill (for example open-world uniques, CTF, job kills) will make strong players even stronger → new players are not able to "catch up".
④ PvP will be played on a primitive level. No strategies or team tactics involved. The only thing that will count is damage - and nothing else...

There is NOT A SINGLE server that DOES NOT have this features. God damn.
Why is nobody understanding this? W H Y??????? I mean it's just logical thinking.

Funny occasion

There was a really funny occassion happening yesterday: Few days ago I bought a 13D Legend 1h-sword clean for 120M. I used the option at Gori NPC to change it into a 13D Legend staff. Then, I tried reselling it for 150M. A player bought it and when I was checking stalls after my PT ended, I found the weapon getting stalled again. Surprisingly for 120M only. I can't explain it. I decided to rebuy it and resell for 150M once more. It worked. So basically I made double profit from this 1 item. :D

Today I finally bought a 14D legend shield for 350M. It will replace my 13D+3 Legend shield which I sold for 300M already. In summary the 14D shield costed me around 50M. Quite cheap if you ask me.

SRO[2017-01-14 10-00-01]_65

After a few stones I got block rate 21. My 12D and 13D shields had block rate 21 too. Looks like I'm lucky with it. ^^;

Playing again

I'm little more active again.

SRO[2016-06-28 14-29-42]_86


My silkroad journey - Chapter VIII: Japanese Silkroad

Japanese Silkroad is where I'm playing at currently. This chapter will show my character's development during the one year that I'm playing already there. I will update my blog with news about my playing progress from time to time.


Server: japanese Silkroad (since 2015)
Level Cap: 130
Valkiria Lv 113 Wizard/Cleric
エアトス Lv 101 Warrior/Cleric


My silkroad journey - Chapter VI: Return to ksro

After the failure of SRO-R I returned to korean Silkroad to play with human beings.


Server: korean Silkroad (2012, 3 months)
Level Cap: 120
Character: Valkyria Lv 100 Warrior/Cleric


My silkroad journey - Chapter V: iSRO-R (Thebes)

This topic is about the international Silkroad-R version.


Server: Thebes (2011-2012, 4 weeks)
Level Cap: 120
Character: Valkyria Lv 72 Warrior/Cleric


My silkroad journey - Chapter IV: iSRO (Azteca)

Chapter IV !!! It's about the time with the reborn legit movement of Avalon Union in Azteca server, that opened at the end of 2010.


Server: Azteca (2011, about one year)
Level Cap: 120
Character: _Valkyria_ Lv 96 Wizard/Cleric


My silkroad journey - Chapter III: korean SRO

One of my best times in Silkroad I had while playing in korean Silkroad. I was happy getting my character quite "high level" here. Enjoy reading.


Server: korean Silkroad (2009 - 2010, about one year)
Level Cap: 110
Character: Valkyria Lv 79 Wizard/Cleric


My silkroad journey - Chapter II: Taiwan SRO

The second chapter deals with my time in taiwan Silkroad.


Server: taiwan SRO (2009, 2 months)
Level Cap: 100
Elementhexer Lv 46 Wizard/Bard
Finsterlord Lv 45 Warrior/Cleric


My silkroad journey - Chapter I: Venus server

This is the first chapter of my Silkroad history. It's about my first experiences with this game in Venus server.


Server: Venus (2009, some months)
Level Cap: 100
Character: Finsterlord Lv 42 Warrior/Cleric


1st blog entry

Welcome to my Silkroad Online Blog!

In this blog I will report about my adventures in the Silkroad Online MMORPG regularly. Currently I'm playing in the japanese SRO-R version.

SRO[2016-02-29 14-30-09]_23


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