It's hopeless...

Good evening,

as you probably noticed there were no blog updates for a while. That's because I'm busy working and there simply is no good server to play on. I'm at work when there would be activity at JSRO; but also leveling up at Lv 125↑ takes really long. I'm not too motivated to login on weekend only. Progress would be little. Instead I was trying to support a private server named "RIGID SRO". My hopes about this server were really high: they have orginal working SA! RIGID team is working on this project since almost 1 year now. I tried to push the game concept in the direction I would like to see.

Unfortunately with their yesterday's update about CTF (battle flag) being mandatory to earn coins for sun equipment my disappointment was intense. They have access to original working SA!! Why the fuck would you still need CTF?? I regret suggesting ideas, giving warning about consequences of specific updates and investing time and effort to support this server. It feels like getting betrayed...

We warned them many many times about how WRONG reward for killing is. I don't know why it is hard to understand that logical thing. Their team massively lacks SRO gaming experience. They are good at coding but not good about SRO knowledge. On top, the player base from international SRO is completely spoiled by botting - their ideas are absolute trash and idiotic too!! Their mind is purely focused on 1v1...


① It favors selfish gameplay. Supporting classes will not be rewarded thus they will be useless.
② Class variety will be very small because everyone will make a class that is good at killing. Basically Wizard/Cleric and Warrior/Cleric only.
③ Reward for kill (for example open-world uniques, CTF, job kills) will make strong players even stronger → new players are not able to "catch up".
④ PvP will be played on a primitive level. No strategies or team tactics involved. The only thing that will count is damage - and nothing else...

There is NOT A SINGLE server that DOES NOT have this features. God damn.
Why is nobody understanding this? W H Y??????? I mean it's just logical thinking.

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