My silkroad journey - Chapter VI: Return to ksro

After the failure of SRO-R I returned to korean Silkroad to play with human beings.


Server: korean Silkroad (2012, 3 months)
Level Cap: 120
Character: Valkyria Lv 100 Warrior/Cleric

After quittiing SRO-R I decided to return to korean Silkroad. It was a good timing as servers in ksro just got merged. Every player received some nice rewards, e.g. skill and stats reset. I decided to change my Wizard/Cleric to Warrior/Cleric. The server was populated and it was not hard to find a party for my Lv 79 character. During the next two weeks I was leveling really fast due to 300% Exp-Event. I was in Fable guild and we had regular PTs. I even met a korean speaking German. My character reached Lv 100. Then I couldn't login anymore as I needed KSSN to change my password. Unfortunately I did not had the number anymore. It was sad because I had a complete egypt set from the event waiting for me when I would hit Lv 101.

SRO[2012-03-07 15-09-35]_43

SRO[2012-03-22 16-43-04]_54

SRO[2012-04-03 13-51-48]_76

SRO[2012-04-18 19-41-41]_89

SRO[2012-06-10 13-46-14]_83

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