Hard decision

Time for new experiences. :)
Actually I just wrote my friend if he can help me to teleport me to Baghdad city (Lv 116+). My intention was to use a Lv 1 char that I join in his guild, the master would teleport him to Baghdad, I'd leave again and use it in my guild to get to Baghdad.

However he asked if I would join with my main char to his guild. I thought about it: it will be hard for me to communicate with other members maybe (I only know the friend from this guild who speaks English). He said it would be no problem that my japanese is almost non-existant. So I think I'll give it a try to join a japanese guild.

My guild is pretty much dead, so it can't get worse. Since almost 2 months I'm the only one logging in etc. It was not an easy decision but today i left my guild and transfered leadership to my alt char. I never was a fan of guild switching. Thanks for the one year time I spent in my guild.

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