1st time in Jupiter Temple

Today I went into Jupiter Temple Hall of Worship (Intermediate) for the first time. I went with a 6-man-party. The run is not taking very long - maybe 25-30 minutes. We went 3 times in total. I was surprised that one of the quests gave me about 18%.

SRO[2016-03-18 13-24-30]_79

SRO[2016-03-18 13-57-14]_83

SRO[2016-03-18 13-55-00]_86

SRO[2016-03-18 13-59-16]_39

Furthermore I started working on getting 105 Bishop title. I can solo intermediate pharaoh temple but it takes very long alone. So I rather go with 2-3 other players.

Jupiter Temple Entrance (jsro):

Jupiter Temple Entrance (isro):

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