Lv 125 Zyain SRO private server

Since a few months there was a discussion about a "brand-new" private server. The new thing about it are the files. Almost every other servers in the past used or are using vsro files. This new server is based on the latest isro files. The server is called Zyain and I want to try it.

EPVP thread:

Especially the Jupiter and Baghdad dungeons as well as SA are of interest for me. The problem about this server is, that it's almost a copy of isro and imbalance is too huge. I came up with several ideas to improve this:

With a fair balance between donators and non-donators, the whole server would profit. The owners, the donators and the non-donators - the whole community. The server would be more active and players are more motivated to play.

1. Battle Arena needs a rework! I checked BA manager. The prices for accessories are crazy (isro prices I guess). It will take ages to get a single egypt accessory that you might turn into a 12D legend one. Moreover, BA is a really nice place to have some PvP action going. That's why you could expand the items available in BA manager: proof stones, 7-day-pet-clocks, 7-day-premium, 7-day-devil-spirit-res, 7-day-fellow-stuff and repair hammers. These items should be account-bound. I'm not sure how BA schedule looks like. Personally, I love PTBA most. There should be a good variety of BA modes available per day, though random and PTBA probably are the most popular ones. Also, players that are AFK during arena should get disconnected automatically.

2. You also could offer item mall items in some kind of login events. That would boost activity and motivates non-donators to keep playing. On top, non-donators would have a slight chance to keep up with donators. In the server where I am playing, there are login events that require the player to login one hour per day. After every 5 "successful" logins, you receive some rewards. Usually when you logged in 25 times "succesfully" in a month, they provide you with a 7-day-premium.

3. Proof stones. I think it is fair for everyone to get one proof stone of his choice (12, 13 or 14D) for free per day. For example by completing some daily quest or a dungeon. This will have the same effects like mentioned above. Make them account-bound to prevent abuse. For a non-donator it still will take very long to get an end-set with only one free stone per day. It took me like 16 proof stones in jsro to make my 13D legend +7.

4. Premium! 20% - holy fck. That's insane. My suggestion: make premium 5% overall.

5. Account-bound end items. More ideas are needed here.

6. For job equipment you need some silk items too if I recall correctly. Maybe add them as a reward for trading activities or in some job wars (Clash of Styria or how it is called).

7. Academy: remove the honor buffs and add them as titles you can buy for playing Survival Arena. For example, you need bronce buff first to get silver one. And silver one is required to get gold buff.

8. The consigment stalling network is really useful. It requires some improvements though:

- remove the fees for adding items,
- remove time limit or extend it,
- extend it for item mall items being purchased from other players
- if possible, extend the available slots.

9. Ingame Bot should be disabled for auto share PTs and quest items/kill should not be distributed in turns. Instead every kill should count for every member in the PT who has the quest. That way questing in a hunting PT would become more attractive.

10. Disable unions. That way better chances for small guilds and more competition with a 1-guild-only-policy.

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