Playing again

I'm little more active again.

SRO[2016-06-28 14-29-42]_86
This is due to Level Up Event that provides you with 1000%-Exp-Scrolls and other useful stuff. Similar to previous level up events. Furthermore you can get another pack of 1000%-Exp-Scrolls for being logged in for a specific amount of time until the next server inspection.

I decided to use one of my numerous 7-day-Premium-Tickets in order to get to Lv 117 faster. On top, currently there is an 2x EXP event running additionally. Good time to make some percentages. :) Hopefully, on weekend my guild wants to provide me with a nice exp boost from Pandora Box Pt again. Looking forward to it.

That's it so far ... more news to come soon.

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