Lv 117

I got Lv 117 even though I didn't expect to level up until the end of the week. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the PT.

SRO[2016-06-30 17-11-44]_742
I started with [Lv 116] 40%. I decided to form a イブ中PT. During the 1.5h I used one of my 150%-Exp-Boosters. When it ended I gained about +10%.

After that my guild members helped me to finish some quests in Hall of Worship intermediate difficulty. The quests there really give good exp. Especially the unique hunting quests ~10-15% each. We went two times and I ended up with 84%.

SRO[2016-06-30 15-20-45]_98

SRO[2016-06-30 15-33-33]_33

Suddenly, at the teleporter I met some players I used to play with in 鏡PTs. They speak good English and invited me to join Zealots Hideout intermediate dungeon. I never was in there but the quests are as good as in Hall of Worship dungeon. When we finished, I was Lv 117.^^

SRO[2016-06-30 17-08-24]_00

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