Server ideas

Some of my ideas for a "perfect" Silkroad server.
Almost every private server out there doesn't fit my expectations. Usually they reward selfish gameplay including CTF, Uniques and rewards for kills. This results in strong players getting even stronger. New players will have a hard time catching up. Most likely they will give up after a few days.

In my imagination a server should focus on group activities as Silkroad is supposed to be a MMORPG. You should interact with other players.

- Strict non-botting- and 1PC-policy! To keep the same chances for every player.

EXP rates:

- High rates until [Level Cap] minus 10 or 15 levels. For example: Cap 110 → High EXP from Lv 1 - Lv 95. After that, rates should get lower. That way PT hunting is required to level up fast and new players have a good chance to join PTs with capped players.
- No SP farming required.


- Silkroad-R-Skill system.
- (EU with 30 sec POT cooldown?.)
- Not too much balancing, though some changes are necessary.

Warrior - wori:

- Skin buffs: increase defense but same time damage is decreased.
- Increased cool down on skins and screens.
- Warrior 2-handed damage decreased.
- Daredevil slightly increased cooldown.

Bard - bado:

- 1 Bard dance possibility
- Higher absolute damage.
- Increased damage.
- Tambour can not be canceled when under attack.
- add Stun ability?
- add passive block skill

Cleric - kure:

- Bless required Cleric Rod.
- Lower absolutes damage.
- Black res buff canceled after using a skill or attack.
- Healing Orbit requires Cleric Rod.
- Armor defenses decreased.

Warlock - woro:

- Linked Cooldown of stun skills and masks at Lv 125+.

Rogue - chei:

- Monster mask skill cooldown reduced to 1 second.


- Different ways to obtain equipment because everyone has different preferences. Hunting, dungeons, PvP, Uniques, Jobbing.
- Equipment should be account-bound.
- Last tier equipment wearable at cap level.
- Only one type of SoX (one type of endgear). Nobody wants Sos or SoM.
- Auto-Equipment (except last gear).
- Last tier equipment slightly better than last tier auto-equipment.
- Egypt-type of items with additional effects for a complete set.


- 1 type of coin that can be obtained from different activities (see above).
- 1-type-coin can be exchanged for Arena coins 1:1.
- Coins are account-bound.
- Activities need "restrictions": dungeon, questing, jobbing limits.
- Daily and/or weekly limits.

Battle Arena (BA):

- One of the most important aspects.
- Flag BA: Lock flag until last minute of BA.
- Types: random BA, PTBA mainly. Guild and Job BA not so often.
- Schedule: about 6 times per day. Random and PTBA in turns every hour. Guild and Job Arena limited to twice a day or to weekends maybe.



- Rewards should be consumables to keep BA active for capped players too:
e.g. Attack rate/parry rate 30% scrolls, STR INT 5 scrolls, Dmg increase/absorption scrolls 1%, Beserk potion with 10min cd and maybe even luck stones.


(- Rewards: endgear, 7-day-versions of item mall items (Premium, pets, clocks, devil spirit etc.), stones.)
- Realistic amount of coins to obtain equipment.
- Disconnect AFK players automatically.
- Coin limit: Able to get BA coins for x amount of matches, after that still possible to enter and PvP but not be able to get more coins that day/week.

Survival Arena (SA):

- schedule: my idea is to have registration open 24/7 and as soon as a match is found, the teams will get teleported inside the arena. It's more flexible for players and fun.
- New titles similar to "Warrior of Courage" with specific effects → Specialization possible.
- Damage increase, Damage absorption, STR, INT, Lucky, Berzerk gain, Critical, Block, Parry Ratio, Atk Rate, Monster Defense Ignore etc.
- other idea: Honor buffs available from SA. Lower buff required to get the next higher one. Bronce → Silver → Gold →King Buff.

Forgotten World:

- No expiration time for dimension holes.
- Dimension holes additionally in NPC for gold.
- Talisman collected by a daily quest → everyone in the PT will get talismans.
- Depending on grade, you will get the same amount of talisman rewarded randomly (e.g. ☆2 → 2 random talismans from quest).
- Quest to get Arena Coins for killing end boss (repeatable).
- Quest to get x amount of immortal/astral stones per month.
- Boxes can drop Silk Items such as Repair Hammers, Reverse Return Scrolls or Global Chats.
- Talisman reward: end weapon (account-bound).
- Special drops depending on the grade you go.
- FGW as a way to get sox equipment. For example, the higher difficulty you go, the better rewards you can get:
1* = normal equipment
2* = Seal of Star
3* = Seal of Moon
4* = Seal of Sun

Holy Water Temple:

- Lower quest requirements.
- Quest rewards for everyone in an autoshare PT.

Job Temple:

- Difficult ...
- Job Temple quests with coin rewards.
- Job Temple Uniques ... ?

Jobbing (old system):

- Trading limit per week.
- Quests for trading to prevent abuse?
- scheduled trading times to increase activity.

Jobbing (new system):

- Add gold and job alchemy silk items as trading rewards.
- Speciality boxes obtained differently?


- maximum +10.
- Original Glows.
- Socket system.
- Find a way to prevent 80%-100% white stat sets (only assimilation stones dropping?)
- Immortal and Proof Stones obtainable from Item mall, daily quest and login events.
- If upgrade system like 12Q↑, set level limits for 12, 13, 14Q. Proof stones or equipment obtainable in dungeons too?
- 12Q (Lv 106↑), 13Q (Lv 115↑), 14Q (Lv 130).


- Remove fees.
- No time limit.
- Extend slots.


- Central Quest Manager NPC.
- Daily Quests to obtain coins for PvE-Lovers.
- Level Up Rewards every 10 levels (character-bound).
- Quests obtainable from 15 levels below mobs to make it PT playable.


- Only guilds. No unions.
- No magic pop.
- No CTF.
- Remove academy system.
- Remove devil +ing scroll.
- Add higher stacks.
- increased cooldown of Reverse and Ressurection scrolls (10 minutes) and global chats.
- Premium stats 5%.
- Guide Riise teleporter available until Lv70.
- Increased giant spawn rate.

Beginner Items:

Beginner items must be character-bound.

HP/MP Potions 1000s
50 Speed Scrolls
5 SP scrolls
10 Reverse Return Scrolls
5 Res Scrolls
50 Return Scrolls
10 Repair Hammers
28-day-grab pet
1 Global Chat
1 Avatar Set (able to choose 1 out of 3)
Gender Switch (for level up?)

Fellow pet:

- should have permanent equipment items (saddle, sp amulet etc.) when buying it
- Fellow pet buffs should drop from dungeons only (same for sockets)

Devil Spirit:

- There should be 2 versions of devil Spirit:

a) a free version with the HP/MP increase only. This version must be account-bound.
b) a paid version with HP/MP increase + 5% damage increase.

Monthly login event:

- Some examples that are good as rewards: HP/MP potions 1000 stack, Exp Scrolls, SP scrolls, Atk Rate/Parry Scrolls, Pandora Boxes, Monster Scrolls, Reverse Return scrolls, Ress Scrolls, Vigors, 7-day-grab pet, 7-day-devil res, 7-day-premium, Repair Hammers, Gender Switch, Astral, Lucky and Immortal Stones etc, Inventory & Storage Expansion items.
- 1 x Endgear piece item each month (after 25 days of logging)

other idea:
- every day you get very time-limited silk items: 1-hour premium, 1-hour devil, 1-hour pet clock etc.
- need to use them wisely -> timing more important than on normal silk items from item mall
- good way to keep non-donators motivated and balanced.

As you can see I'm favoring a server that tries to achieve a balance between donators and non-donators. Non-donators can reach everything with ingame activities too. Donators will reach the same things just faster.

If anyone is interested in developing such a server, feel free to contact me.

edited: 10th April 2017.

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Amazing! Now all you need is to find a server developer that wants to use these ideas. This will be very difficult though - most of foreign silkroad community never even seen a standard pt hunting...
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