Lv 119 and thoughts about 15Q

Lv up to 119 and my thoughts and ideas about 15Q-Update!
I was doing some Jupiter Temple runs. I mainly went into the medium (中) & advanced (上) difficulties of "Hall of Worship" (経費) and "Zealot Hideout" (狂信). The quests in there are very useful and give good EXP.

SRO[2016-07-21 11-12-59]_65

After killing Lv 120 Unique, I reached Lv 119. Fortunately I already have enough Skill points for Lv 120. ^:^


Next week jsro becomes 15Q-Update and new alchemy (renkin) system. Instead of making SRO more popular again the management turns into a Pay2Win game. The new alchemy items will be obtainable from item mall only for yen. To upgrade 14Q to 15Q most likely Proof stones will be needed again - from item mall too.

I did a little research and found out that the "New Alchemy System" got implemented in isro long ago in March 2016. This was the notice from Joymax:

New Alchemy Update~!!

Alchemy options of current equipped will be improved.
- Increase number of equipment’s option (According to Item Grade)
- Expand equipment’s option (Can be obtained special option except original option)

[Max Option Number of each Grade]
Normal Equipment : Max 9
Magic Equipment : Max 9
Rare Equipment : Max 10
Legendary Equipment : Max 11
** Option will be applied from 2 at least.
** Additional Magic Option that was not applied before can be applied randomly.
Weapon - Critical
Shield - Block ratio
Chest armor - Increase HP/MP Recovery
Earring - Combustion resistance/Sleep resistance
Necklace - Stun resistance
Ring - Disease resistance/Terror resistance

[New Alchemy Item]
Wheel of Fate
- It can change the number, type, and the stat of the Alchemy option randomly.

Wheel of Furtune
- It can change the type and stat of the Alchemy option randomly, except for it's Number.
** When you used new cash item, applied option number, type and the stat can be decreased.
** You can check it from Premium Mall.

When you try alchemy with new alchemy stone first time, applied number of option never be decreased. (Ex: If current options are 4, above 4 options will be applied at first time of try. From 2nd time, it will be applied randomly.)
Equipment that is used with new alchemy system can be growth through Awaken Stone and rank up through Rank-up Gemstone. (Will be updated soon)
Equipment that is used with new alchemy system can’t use original alchemy system and can’t be traded through NPC Gori.
New alchemy system will be applied with changed option number, kinds and value randomly.

I had a funny idea that could work in jsro. Players should have an "agreement" to not upgrade their items to 15Q. If such an attempt would succeed, then in jsro.^^ I wonder what the jsro management would do about it. :D

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