Funny occasion

There was a really funny occassion happening yesterday: Few days ago I bought a 13D Legend 1h-sword clean for 120M. I used the option at Gori NPC to change it into a 13D Legend staff. Then, I tried reselling it for 150M. A player bought it and when I was checking stalls after my PT ended, I found the weapon getting stalled again. Surprisingly for 120M only. I can't explain it. I decided to rebuy it and resell for 150M once more. It worked. So basically I made double profit from this 1 item. :D

Today I finally bought a 14D legend shield for 350M. It will replace my 13D+3 Legend shield which I sold for 300M already. In summary the 14D shield costed me around 50M. Quite cheap if you ask me.

SRO[2017-01-14 10-00-01]_65

After a few stones I got block rate 21. My 12D and 13D shields had block rate 21 too. Looks like I'm lucky with it. ^^;

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