Lv 128

I was playing a little again. I had few days free and used the x5 EXP event to get Lv 128. During the egg event Treacheryさん and me managed to get a 15Q weapon each. What we don't understand is why the management is not adding NPCs to exchange coins and lucky bags. Looks like they want a lot of work by doing it manually.

I also joined IDeaR guild. Thank you!

SRO[2018-04-23 18-46-36]_88

SRO[2018-05-01 16-00-00]_63

Besides playing jsro, I'm also trying to support NGE Silkroad server made by a friend. If you are interested in a completely free-to-play BA server, make sure to check it out:

NGE SRO -- English
NGE SRO -- Japanese (emyu saba)

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