My silkroad journey - Chapter I: Venus server

This is the first chapter of my Silkroad history. It's about my first experiences with this game in Venus server.


Server: Venus (2009, some months)
Level Cap: 100
Character: Finsterlord Lv 42 Warrior/Cleric
I can't really remember when exaclty I started to play Silkroad Online - probably in the beginning of 2009. Some school mates were talking about some online role play game called Silkroad. So one day I decided to try it out. They were playing on the "Venus" server. At that time I shared one PC with my two brothers. So we created one char together. After logging in we got invited into their guild quickly. I remember that we were impressed by the guild masters 2hand sword 7 Dgr +5.

We had no plan what to do. We had an EU char and distributed stat points 2 str: 1 int. (*^_^*) We wanted to make a warrior and found a PT at Dow Genetos (Lv 11 mobs). Other players used so shiny attacks and we wondered how they do that?
Usually we solo leveled until Lv 18, the damage was really low. We decided to create a char with more damage: a wizard. We did many quests and came to Kokorus after a long time of leveling. There we always died. We made a new char again: a warrior/cleric to have good defense and joined another guild. With this guild we had regular PTs.

I think it was at Crabs when we met legit players for the first time. We did not know what it is. They said they play the game like it was intended to be played. After a while we found out that many other players are using a bot. I think my brother tried it out once but failed somehow. So we kept leveling by hand. ^_^

We joined the legit union "Avalon" and found PTs to level up. That time we actually really leveled slow and login was horrible due to crowded servers. I think our warrior got to Level 42. Everything above Level 5x was high level for us. :)

SRO[2009-05-05 08-38-17]_39

SRO[2009-05-06 10-07-32]_49

SRO[2009-05-08 19-45-32]_67

SRO[2009-05-10 21-10-21]_38

SRO[2009-05-12 20-00-30]_64

SRO[2009-05-25 22-15-15]_23

SRO[2009-06-29 17-51-05]_80

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