My silkroad journey - Chapter II: Taiwan SRO

The second chapter deals with my time in taiwan Silkroad.


Server: taiwan SRO (2009, 2 months)
Level Cap: 100
Elementhexer Lv 46 Wizard/Bard
Finsterlord Lv 45 Warrior/Cleric
In the summer 2009 many legit players were leaving Venus server and moved to the taiwan sro version (tsro). After 2 weeks we decided to try it out as well. We created a Wizard/Bard and had many PTs. We never leveled so fast like this before. At that time I got my first own PC. I decided to make my own character: Finsterlord - warrior/cleric. I had a great time with nice pts. Unfortunately bots were getting more and more common ... until everyone was IP-banned.

Some impressions of that time:

SRO[2009-06-23 15-55-06]_18

SRO[2009-06-24 17-35-43]_04

SRO[2009-06-25 14-54-26]_92

SRO[2009-06-26 21-44-51]_77

SRO[2009-07-03 22-20-14]_09

SRO[2009-07-06 20-41-34]_61

SRO[2009-07-08 15-57-46]_88

SRO[2009-07-07 19-26-29]_58

SRO[2009-08-10 20-30-55]_02

SRO[2009-08-11 22-08-25]_84

SRO[2009-08-11 22-11-51]_81

SRO[2009-09-05 18-56-58]_87

SRO[2009-09-07 20-27-24]_59

SRO[2009-09-07 17-04-08]_53

SRO[2009-09-08 09-50-08]_93

SRO[2009-09-09 13-35-29]_56

sro_client 2009-09-03 21-30-45-57

sro_client 2009-08-31 19-42-31-88

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