My silkroad journey - Chapter III: korean SRO

One of my best times in Silkroad I had while playing in korean Silkroad. I was happy getting my character quite "high level" here. Enjoy reading.


Server: korean Silkroad (2009 - 2010, about one year)
Level Cap: 110
Character: Valkyria Lv 79 Wizard/Cleric

I took a break of Silkroad for a few weeks. Anyway, I fall in love with PT hunting. Some of the tsro guild members wanted to play again too. We searched for a botfree server as we wanted to play legitly. A friend recommended korean Silkroad (ksro). So we decided to go there and he would help us with a new char. Registration was difficult but somehow we managed to make an account. This time I wanted to play a Wizard/Cleric named "Valkyria". We formed a guild "Divinity" and really had a great time playing PTs every evening, improving with playing our chars etc. Our guild rules were really strict: no plvl, no pwr pts. I enjoyed playing there until Level 7x. We were in union with the biggest foreigner guild in ksro: SoH. Mainly players from Poland. Some players started to "break" our guild rules ... After a while of no PTs for me I left ksro.

SRO[2009-09-27 18-21-21]_67

SRO[2009-09-27 18-33-34]_67

SRO[2009-09-28 20-55-28]_42

SRO[2009-09-27 18-42-50]_32

SRO[2009-09-28 21-10-56]_31

SRO[2009-10-26 19-50-35]_31

SRO[2009-11-07 19-59-29]_82

SRO[2009-11-07 22-36-33]_88

SRO[2009-11-13 12-52-47]_02

SRO[2009-11-08 17-31-59]_88

SRO[2009-11-22 18-49-24]_82

SRO[2009-11-25 19-00-18]_38

SRO[2009-12-02 21-04-21]_83

SRO[2009-12-07 17-58-04]_38

SRO[2009-12-06 20-24-01]_31

SRO[2009-12-12 20-05-26]_49

SRO[2009-12-12 20-10-05]_00

SRO[2009-12-12 21-10-03]_38

SRO[2010-01-07 22-37-43]_69

SRO[2010-01-10 17-30-36]_23

SRO[2010-01-19 19-28-39]_14

SRO[2010-01-10 19-21-57]_60

SRO[2010-01-25 21-49-56]_75

SRO[2010-02-14 18-37-50]_32

SRO[2010-02-22 17-17-01]_93

SRO[2010-03-14 19-59-14]_96

SRO[2010-03-27 18-13-46]_00

SRO[2010-03-17 14-39-12]_06

SRO[2010-04-11 18-51-33]_05

SRO[2010-04-11 18-51-37]_92

SRO[2010-05-13 17-03-59]_39

SRO[2010-05-13 21-58-56]_55

SRO[2010-06-03 18-56-00]_91

SRO[2010-05-29 21-38-11]_00

SRO[2010-06-13 20-06-20]_33

SRO[2010-07-25 00-01-14]_21

SRO[2010-07-25 21-22-58]_84

SRO[2010-10-12 21-18-37]_17

SRO[2010-10-22 21-07-36]_93

SRO[2010-10-23 16-34-55]_62

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