My silkroad journey - Chapter IV: iSRO (Azteca)

Chapter IV !!! It's about the time with the reborn legit movement of Avalon Union in Azteca server, that opened at the end of 2010.


Server: Azteca (2011, about one year)
Level Cap: 120
Character: _Valkyria_ Lv 96 Wizard/Cleric
In ksro I did not had many PTs and I was a big fan of the Avalon movement. Avalon guild got famous in Venus server - making it "the legit server". They used to had strict rules about botting and powerleveling. In Venus server they dominated.

At the end of 2010 I heard rumors about Avalon making a comeback to SRO. They wanted to start in the relatively new server called Azteca. I was not hesistating long and joined them with a few friends from ksro. I always dreamed of having the chance to play together with the Avalon "heros".

I created a Wizard/Cleric again: _Valkyria_. I had many PTs and during the first few months the guild and union were really active. Sooner or later players left and one day Avalon left too. We still had a small group of active people and we tried to make the best out of it. It was fun going to Battle Arena daily. The bot players were no real challenge for us even though we were lower level and under-equipped. A few times we could even conquer Bandit Fortress and leveling inside Fortress Dungeon was a huge level boost.

I reached Lv 96 and was one of the few players that kept playing even though other left long ago. It was hard for me to give up what I reached...

SRO[2010-12-26 11-26-19]_38

SRO[2010-12-26 15-41-22]_15

SRO[2010-12-31 14-11-58]_33

SRO[2010-12-29 18-59-40]_44

SRO[2011-01-01 20-05-34]_06

SRO[2011-01-08 15-35-55]_01

SRO[2011-01-11 18-07-41]_14

SRO[2011-01-17 21-03-08]_55

SRO[2011-01-23 20-12-28]_66

SRO[2011-01-27 16-45-48]_64

SRO[2011-01-28 20-10-08]_38

SRO[2011-02-16 18-23-37]_15

SRO[2011-04-13 20-03-52]_72

SRO[2011-04-13 20-28-48]_45

SRO[2011-02-15 21-55-13]_03

SRO[2011-04-27 16-08-34]_03

SRO[2011-05-10 20-32-27]_26

SRO[2011-04-30 19-43-54]_57

SRO[2011-05-14 18-53-39]_31

SRO[2011-05-14 20-27-57]_46

SRO[2011-06-08 19-01-43]_38

SRO[2011-06-16 20-12-03]_14

SRO[2011-08-05 20-34-41]_26

SRO[2011-06-17 20-06-19]_64

SRO[2011-08-06 19-28-53]_54

SRO[2011-08-11 17-50-01]_66

SRO[2011-08-12 18-53-45]_82

SRO[2011-08-12 22-32-57]_25

SRO[2011-08-13 23-23-57]_82

SRO[2011-08-28 21-45-10]_54

SRO[2011-09-29 20-49-58]_33

SRO[2011-12-03 09-37-12]_92

SRO[2011-12-02 19-57-28]_70

SRO[2011-12-08 10-45-43]_17

SRO[2011-12-04 10-02-24]_98

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