My silkroad journey - Chapter V: iSRO-R (Thebes)

This topic is about the international Silkroad-R version.


Server: Thebes (2011-2012, 4 weeks)
Level Cap: 120
Character: Valkyria Lv 72 Warrior/Cleric

Private servers got more and more popular. Therefore isro got huge competition. A change was necessary. That's why Joymax introduced Silkroad Revolution (SRO-R). Leveling up was easier there and Forgotten World gave SP scrolls. They promised a botfree gaming environment. I joined the Open Beta with some friends from Azteca and ksro.

After 4 weeks I left because "botfree" was a fcking joke... Bots were everywere and Joymax did nothing about them.

SRO[2011-12-30 20-58-01]_83

SRO[2012-01-05 23-46-50]_85

SRO[2012-02-03 21-03-20]_96

SRO[2012-02-08 20-34-29]_21

SRO[2012-02-17 23-23-16]_68

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